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    Paul Brown a UCF graduate with a degree in animation, the artist and craftsman behind Bomb Bay Customs. Since 2009 I have been bringing my unique style of art and board making to the table via Bomb Bay Customs. With a style that would best be described as a mash up of graffiti street culture and comics the artwork I seek to create a real expression of everything I have been effected by or find personal interset in. 

    Following my love for the unique and one of a kind, Bomb Bay Customs makes a limited amount of boards every month. All crafted by hand and all one of a kind. You will never see someone with the same design as you!

   Also custom orders are available for those who have a design of their own that they would like to see come alive in the board. Just let us know what it is, contact us via the email at the bottom of the page. We're down!

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